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  • Level 1 Covid-19 Update

    Great News! From Monday, 28th September 2020, The Covid-19 dental practice restrictions for Melbourne metropolitan area have been eased by the Victorian government, and following on the recommendation by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), we are now practicing under level 1. This means all dental treatments are back to normal for all patients not suspected Read More

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  • Level-2-Covid-19-Update

    Level 2 Covid-19 Update

    Good News! From the 28th of September we will move to LEVEL 2 restriction. This means we will be able to provide dental treatments that are unlikely to generate aerosols or where aerosols generated have the presence of minimal saliva/blood due to the use of rubber dams. A run down of treatments allowed can be Read More

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  • Stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne

    COVID-19 update to Dental restrictions in Melbourne

    The past few weeks have been particularly tough for all Victorians as we continue to battle the impact of COVID-19. Despite a range of measures introduced by the Victorian government, the number of daily new cases has not significantly decreased. For this reason, the Victorian Government has instituted the State of Disaster and moved to Read More

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  • young-people-wearing-protective-masks-are-spraying-

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    Following National Cabinet meeting on 8th May 2020, the dental board of Australia has advised restrictions to be eased from Level 2 back to Level 1. We would like to advise our patients that all dental procedures are now available. We do however continue to screen our patients and advise patients with the following to defer dental treatment: Patients with Read More

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  • Plaque, Calculus, Tartar, Gum Disease

    Plaque, Calculus, Tartar, Gum Disease: What do these all mean?

    Most likely you would have come across these terms or your dentist would have mentioned them to you. Plaque is a build-up of bacteria in a film on your teeth. If you look in the mirror at your teeth and notice a furry layer that can be scraped off with your fingernails, that’s plaque. Being Read More

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  • Teeth Whitening/Bleaching 101

    Why are my teeth yellow? Teeth can be yellow, brown or black due to staining on the outer surface of the teeth. The staining can come from tea, coffee, smoking, or any coloured substance. These “external” staining can be removed by professional scale and clean from the dentist. With age, the stains will slowly penetrate Read More

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  • Do I need to have a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    Do I need to have my wisdom teeth out? Many people would think or be told that their wisdom teeth needs to be pulled out, but is that the case for everyone? If your wisdom teeth is not causing any pain or problems, and is unlikely to cause pain or problems in the future, there Read More

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