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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

If you have a missing, broken or badly chipped tooth, in a mouth full of otherwise healthy teeth a crown or a bridge maybe the right solution for you.

Also, crowns are usually needed after a root canal treatment, because often there’s not much healthy enamel left on a tooth which makes it more prone to fracture. At PDG we offer multiple procedures and services to restore missing, weakened or damaged teeth, including crowns and Bridges.


A crown is a prosthetic tooth that is made to perfectly match the shape and size of your old tooth prior to damage. The covered tooth is reshaped to become an anchor for the crown.

Once placed a crown functions and looks like a normal healthy tooth. Crowns are made of porcelain, a durable material that can be matched to the colour of your teeth, restoring your attractive smile.


Bridges are similar to crowns and are made up of the same material. However, instead of building up a damaged tooth, they replace one or more missing teeth.

When a missing tooth (teeth) is located between two otherwise healthy teeth, a bridge can be anchored to the teeth on either side of the gap. This will provide the natural look of three (or more) teeth sitting next to each other.

mount waverley crowns and bridges

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