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Your Caring Dentists at Mount Waverley

Pinewood Dental Group

For professional and friendly dental services in Mt Waverley

PDG is a friendly family dental practice specialised in offering a vast range of general, cosmetic and preventative dental services. Since our establishment in 1976, our experienced dentists and dedicated staff have always strived to provide superior levels of care for our patient.

At PDG we put a strong emphasis on prevention and patient education. Through regular checkups and customised oral hygiene plans we aim to help our patients achieve and maintain a beautiful healthy smile. At PDG we provide our patient with the knowledge to make informed decisions on their dental treatments and oral health.

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Our Team

  • Dr. Jim Bossinakis - BDSc (Melb)

    Dr. Jim Bossinakis – BDSc (Melb)

    Cosmetic Dentistry


    • Dr. Jimmy Yang - BDSc (WA)

      Dr. Jimmy Yang – BDSc (WA)

      Preventive Dentistry & Oral Surgery


      • Dr. Andres Oyarzum - BDSc (Melb)

        Dr. Andres Oyarzun – BDSc (Melb)

        Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)


        • Dr. Hung Huynh - BDS (Adel)

          Dr. Hung Huynh – BDS (Adel)

          Restorative Dentistry


          Commonly Treated Dental Conditions

          Wisdom Teeth Problems

          Wisdom Teeth Problems

          Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, cavities, damage to neighbouring teeth, crowding and gum disease. A wisdom tooth that is “impacted” (not fully grown) is harder to clean. This means food and bacteria get easily trapped between the gum and the partially erupted tooth

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          Toothaches occur as a result of inflammation of the central portion of the tooth called pulp. Inflammation to the pulp or “pulpitis” can vary in severity and may present, as tooth sensitivity, pain on chewing, dull or throbbing pain.

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          Missing Teeth

          Missing teeth

          A missing tooth can lead to more serious consequences than an unattractive smile. Teeth on either side of the gap usually become subjected to excess force because there are fewer teeth to share the burden. Also once a tooth is missing, the other teeth may begin to drift.

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          We are a friendly family dental practice with a focus on prevention.